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Paint By Numbers

Ceramic Painting

Color Me Mine’s (CMM) main activity is ceramic or pottery painting. We have more than 150 designs to choose from. You can either paint your pottery with acrylic paint or with ceramic paint called underglaze. With acrylic paint, your last coat is a sealant which will protect your painted item for a long time. Please note that pottery painted with acrylic paint is decorative and is not food safe. With underglaze, your ceramic piece becomes food-safe, oven-safe, microwavable and can even be put in a dishwasher. Please note that with underglaze, what you see is not what you get when it comes to color. The true colors surface after firing it in a kiln and that is why you should always refer to your color chart, so you can imagine how your piece will look like.

Our ceramic painting kit comes with 6 colors and 5 brushes. The colors are: 3 primary colors, black, white & brown. You can mix color to come up with an array of other colors.

Try it and experience the art of having fun.

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